Informal sector expresses concern over delays in releasing relief fund

01 May, 2020 - 18:05 0 Views
Informal sector expresses concern over delays in releasing relief fund


Diana Nherera Suburban Reporter
The Informal Economy Traders Associations have expressed concern over the delays in payments meant to cushion vendors and informal traders and are calling on Government to provide information on progress made so far.

In a statement, the organization called on Government to immediately release the money to cushion its members as the situation is dire for many vendors and informal traders.

“We also call on Government to state the proposed figures that will be disbursed.
“Press releases have stated that the expected amount is ZWL$200.

“We would like to state that the proposed figure is paltry considering the prevailing prices of basic commodities.
“We would like to remind Government that our members are suffering from hunger and the truth is that there is no food in their houses.

“We are now receiving cases of domestic violence because families are fighting because of shortages of food.
“Our members with chronic diseases are at greater risk at the moment,” said the body.

The organization further said most vendors and informal traders will not be able to restock as all their incomes have been depleted while buying food during the lockdown.

The vendors and informal traders condemned the demolition of vendors and informal traders’ working spaces without coming up with clear alternative designated spaces.

“Government and local authorities must consult or involve the informal sector representatives in decision-making before they make resolutions that affect the livelihoods of informal sector players since now 85 percent of the nation is in the informal sector.

“We also call for an immediate stop to the demolitions across the country.”

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