Illegal structures continue to sprout in Ward 16

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Illegal structures continue to sprout in Ward 16 One of the grass structures built by members of the Apostolic sect.


THE sprouting of illegal structures continues relentlessly in Ward 16 with the latest being some church members who have established themselves on the Sherwood Golf Course in Mabelreign. 

Diana Nherera Suburban Reporter 

The City of Harare was reported to be planning to remove members of the Apostolic sect who had built temporary structures in Sherwood Golf Course on Wednesday this week.

Mabelreign residents have been complaining about the building of structures by the church members on the golf course along Hillmorton Road. The residents said the activities of the members of the Apostolic sect was lowering the values of their properties. 

“They have built a grass toilet and from my observation, slept there last night. Is this allowed?

“They have put up structures and these were not there yesterday morning.

“Is this what we have been reduced to?” wondered a Mabelreign resident.

Ward 16 Councillor Denford Ngadziore confirmed council would move in to remove members of the Apostolic sect from the golf course on Wednesday. 

However, it could not be established at the time of publishing if the municipality had undertaken its promise to act on the church members.

One of the grass structures built by members of the Apostolic sect is close to an illegal dumpsite and there were fears the dump could grow given the church members do not have access to proper waste management facilities.

Illegal settlements are a huge problem in Ward 16 with a number of them found in different suburbs under the ward. 

In Sentosa, there is one along Westminster Road whose residents were early this year accused of being a nuisance by residents of the suburb. 

Sentosa residents said the problem of illegal settlements was fuelling crime in that area such as break-ins, muggings and prostitution among other vices.

Some of the illegal settlers from Westminster Road make a living through collecting recyclables and live with their families in plastic-made structures.

The illegal settlers get water for their chores such as bathing from a nearby river.  

Reports suggest some of the illegal settlers shun an honest living of work preferring a “quick buck”. 

Early this year, Cllr Ngadziore said the issue of illegal settlements was a problem along Westminster Road and also behind Richwell Gardens.

“But we have tried to engage the police and the local neighbourhood watch. At one time those people were removed some went to Hatcliffe while others went to Hopley and others to Mabvuku.

“I am sure it’s a process that is supposed to be happening with assistance from the police. So we will engage the neighbourhood watch and see how it goes,” he said.

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