Health assistance for Ward 41

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Health assistance for Ward 41 Ms Kudzai Kadzombe (black dress) meeting with the Roman Catholic and Anglican officials


Peter Tanyanyiwa  Suburban Reporter

An organisation called Zimtech is rolling out a mobile clinic for free HIV testing and counselling including giving those on anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs) an opportunity to get their medication supply until the Marlborough clinic is open again.

The organisation will be coming through every Thursday at the open ground between the Marlborough clinic and the council district office from 9am to 3pm.

In a related matter, Roman Catholic and the Anglican Church through their Marlborough parishes have proposed to help establish a mobile Covid-19 testing clinic for residents of Ward 41 who suspect they might be having Covid-19 symptoms but cannot afford to undergo testing on their own.

Before her recall from council, former Ward 41 Councillor Kudzai Kadzombe met with the priest for the Marlborough Roman Catholic Church, the Marlborough clinic sister in charge, the Ward Development Committee (WADCO) representative for the health committee and a member of the programmes steering committee on Tuesday last week to discuss the issue.

“We were discussing their plan together with Marlborough Anglican Church and the Cathedral to do a free Covid-19 testing centre for our ward as a way of assisting those that suspect might be having symptoms but cannot afford the tests,” said Ms Kadzombe.

She also said she had through the Mayor’s Office managed to get a walker for a young child if there was anyone who knew a child in need, they should get in touch with her. 

“There is also an opportunity for children who are HIV positive to get fortified porridge please contact Mrs Shungu Chirimuta who is our WADCO health member and also an active health volunteer in our ward on the following number +263775518291,” said Ms Kadzombe.

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