Haulage trucks damage Ward 8 roads

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Haulage trucks damage Ward 8 roads City by-laws prohibit haulage trucks from using roads in residential roads.


Drivers of haulage trucks are reportedly violating council by-laws by driving through residential areas in Ward 8.

Peter Tanyanyiwa Suburban Reporter

Residents from the affected Ward 8 suburbs which include Chisipite, Highlands, Newlands and Ballantyne Park say the truck drivers are not only flouting council by-laws which prohibit such heavy vehicles from passing through and parking in residential areas but are further damaging the already worn out roads.   

Ward 8 has warned the deviant haulage trucks drivers that they will soon be held accountable for their illegal actions.

There is reported to be a truck depot of 30-tonne trucks at the corner of Midlothian Avenue and Angus Road in Newlands and a number of low loaders parked in different roads in the suburb for weeks.

In an interview, Ward 8 Councillor Keith Charumbira has warned the owners of the heavy trucks against violating council by-laws. He said some of the residents in Ward 8 were pooling together their money to repair roads in the suburbs hence it is unfair for heavy vehicles to continue destroying the roads in residential areas.

 “We have a serious issue where we have haulage trucks violating our by-laws day in day out. We have received complaints at Highlands District Office, Newlands and in Chisipite. These transporters are no longer just passing through but they are now parking in the residential areas. The problem that we have with them is that our roads are largely maintained by stakeholders and the business communities who come together and fundraise for their communities. So after such efforts to just find a bunch of haulage trucks that come to mess things up is an unwelcome development and as local authority leaders we will not tolerate that. These trucks are damaging the roads in a way that is unimaginable,” he said.

Cllr Charumbira urged residents to take pictures and videos where they would have seen these heavy vehicles on roads in residential areas and forward them to the Highlands District Officer or to him directly so that they can alert the City of Harare’s enforcement department to take action.

“We have had so many complaints and we believe it’s time we take action if the transporters continue to ignore our warning. We now want to urge residents to take pictures and videos of these haulage trucks who will be parked in a residential area so that our enforcement agents can take action. Our by-laws are clear, these heavy vehicles are not allowed in residential areas and we have raised this concern with some of the truck owners. But it seems residents are still complaining about it, which is a sad development. We understand that some will be bringing in materials for building or otherwise. We support development. However, it should not bring discomfort to the neighbours and the community at large,” said Cllr Charumbira.

For long, residents have been blaming the City of Harare for failing to enforce its own by-laws as haulage trucks openly use undesignated routes and drive through residential areas while bars, nightclubs, some restaurants, function venues, sports clubs and churches are causing untold noise pollution.

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