Harare’s refuse crisis far from over

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RECENT warnings issued by Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume to the city’s waste management department have brought to light the critical state of refuse collection and waste management in the capital.

The urgency of the situation is underscored by the Mayor’s explicit warning that the department faces the prospect of being outsourced to private companies if significant improvements are not made promptly. The waste management department faces imminent disbandment if directors continue their lethargic approach.

Mafume’s warnings have highlighted several key challenges plaguing the waste management department. These include the lack of implementation of agreed-upon measures, such as the acquisition of trailers for new tractors, and the overall inefficiency in refuse collection.

Additionally, the revelation that the city council is currently unaware of the exact number of households it is billing raises serious concerns about the department’s operational transparency and effectiveness

The potential disbandment of the waste management department and its outsourcing to private companies would have far-reaching implications for the city and its residents. While this move may address the immediate need for efficient refuse collection, it also raises questions about the accountability and oversight of waste management services.

Furthermore, the involvement of private actors in such a critical public service necessitates careful consideration of the long-term implications for the city’s infrastructure and the cost to its residents.

It is evident that the current state of waste management in Harare demands urgent and decisive action. Mafume’s  call for city directors to take their responsibilities seriously and attend crucial meetings underscores the need for accountability and proactive engagement in addressing the challenges faced by the waste management department.

Furthermore, the suggestion to offload non-performing employees and the concerns raised about the failure to hold regular meetings by the Environmental Management Committee highlight the need for a comprehensive overhaul of the department’s operations

.To avert the looming crisis in waste management, council must urgently address the lack of clarity regarding the number of households being billed.

The acquisition of essential equipment, such as trailers for tractors, should be expedited.

The warnings issued by Mayor Jacob Mafume regarding the state of waste management in Harare serve as a wake-up call for the city’s leadership and residents.

The urgency of the situation demands immediate and concerted efforts to address the challenges faced by the waste management department and ensure the effective and sustainable management of refuse collection in the capital.

The potential disbandment of the waste management department underscores the critical need for proactive measures to avert such a scenario and restore efficient waste management services for the benefit of all residents.

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