Harare residents demand services

31 Jan, 2022 - 14:01 0 Views
Harare residents demand services


Peter Tanyanyiwa Suburban Reporter

HARARE residents, fed up with the lack of services in the capital city, have taken issue with Town House authorities and are demanding a change to the way the municipality is running the city.

The residents are coordinating an online petition to be lodged with the City of Harare and the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works. So far more than 260 residents have signed the petition.

In the petition, Harare residents are demanding water, refuse collection and also want the municipality to fix badly worn out roads.

The ratepayers want a stop to paying for services that are not being delivered and are demanding that council should stop charging exorbitant rates yet services are not being delivered.

Council must halt the astronomical increases in rates as witnessed in the last few months while the billing system must be based on actual figures not estimates.

“The residents of Harare have suffered for so long, and now we are saying enough of poor service delivery and going for weeks without tap water. We are saying no to semi treated, dark brown, frothy and foul-smelling water coming out of taps when it does come and erratic refuse collection where residents go for weeks (with) rubbish piling in their homes,” reads the petition.

Erratic refuse collection has led to residents dumping rubbish everywhere including on open spaces and in streams contaminating water bodies and polluting land.

Residents say there are numerous burst sewer pipes that are not being repaired and traffic lights that have not been working for years endangering motorists and pedestrians.

“Potholes so bad some roads have become impassable.  About 99 percent of Harare roads have potholes and are in a state of serious neglect. Street lights that have not been working for decades. Council offices seem to have long closed for business.

“To us residents that is extortion, we further object to a billing system that is in shambles. We want a council that takes the concerns of residents seriously for a change. We do not want a top-down condescending, paternalistic relationship with council.

“We want transparent participation of residents in council matters and all matters that affect us. We refuse to be used as window dressing to rubberstamp council decisions such as the unpopular budget of 2022. We want a council that is accountable to citizens in the way that it runs its affairs as this directly affects service delivery,” further reads the petition.

The petition was started by a Harare resident Ms Rutendo Madziwa and can be found on this link: https://chng.it/ssBSYLzm

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