Harare finalising city master plan

10 Jun, 2024 - 13:06 0 Views
Harare finalising city master plan Mr Samuel Nyabezi


Ivan Zhakata

City of Harare officials have said they will complete the city’s new masterplan ahead of the June 30th deadline.

A master plan guides how land is used, how development takes place, and how water, roads, and housing are delivered.

It also includes visuals and data to support the vision for the city’s future.

Acting director of Urban Planning Services, Mr Samuel Nyabezi said they are making significant progress under the project.

“We are finalising the report based on contributions from various working groups,” Mr Nyabezi said.

“By next Tuesday, the report should be complete, allowing us to begin drafting the written statement outlining policies and proposals.”

Once finished, the plan goes to the Works and Town Planning Committee, then to the Full Council for approval before June 30.

“Following approval,” Mr Nyabezi said, “We will submit the plan to the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works as requested by the President.”

“The City will address any comments or questions. If issues require the Minister’s intervention, they will be directed to the appropriate authorities.”

The master plan is expected to address challenges like public transportation and traffic congestion in the central business district.

“It will guide future development and provide measures to ease traffic congestion. The plan will also identify areas lacking essential services like healthcare, education, and housing, ultimately improving the lives of Harare residents,” said Mr Nyabezi.

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