Harare encourages students to guard against cholera

02 Jun, 2023 - 00:06 0 Views
Harare encourages students to guard against cholera City officials gave T-shirts to students who correctly answered questions on cholera.


Ropafadzo Chitima

The City of Harare held a catch them young programme at Budiriro 5 Council Primary School aimed at encouraging students to take preventive measures against cholera.

Speaking during the programme, City of Harare Acting principal communications officer, Mercy Makuwatsine urged the pupils to wash hands with clean running water after using the toilet and before eating food. Makuwatsine encouraged children to thoroughly wash fruits before eating and to also eat their food while still hot. She also discouraged handshakes as a form of greeting among children.

“Let us save lives and stop handshakes because you will spread viruses and bacteria to the next person,” she said.

Grade 4 pupil Nenyasha Gomo said she is going to make sure she eats warm food always to guard against contracting cholera.

Another student Keisha Murimo said she will ensure that she does not eat anything before washing hands. 

The City of Harare gave T-shirts to the students who correctly answered cholera related questions and to those who were able to give a demonstration on the correct way of washing hands.

Residents are being urged to avoid littering and practice hygiene in order to prevent the spread of cholera. – City of Harare.

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