Harare Archery Club hosts Day of Archery

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THE Harare Archery Club will is hosting a Day of Archery where participants of all age groups will get a chance to be taught the sport on Africa Day, May 25, 2024.

The event will be held at the Harare Archery Club at Courtney Selous Primary School along Queen Elizabeth Road in Greendale.

“Think you are the next Robin Hood? Come prove it! Robin hood not good enough for you? Fancy yourself a William Tell? Shoot an arrow through an apple! 100 percent less children involved, guaranteed!

“Bet you can better Brady Ellison? Well come show us what you got! All ages, all abilities, come and enjoy a day of Archery!” the Harare Archery Club said in an invite those interested in the game.

The club said food and beverages will be available on sale while camo clothing equipment will be allowed.


9am-10am – range open for free practice

10am-12am – coaching and individual challenges

12pm-1230pm – lunch

1230pm-2pm – Group challenges

Challenges available morning session — $1 per round, $5 for the morning

Coaching and first-time shooters

Target shooting

Hit the apple/fruit! Recurve and genesis ONLY

Pop the balloon

3D targets

Group challenges, $2 for 3 rounds!

Genesis bow shoot off!

Recurve bow shoot off

Compound shoot off

Serious archers challenge

100m extreme distance

Recurve and compound arrow raffle

“Food and beverages will be available for purchase. Bring a hat and sunscreen. Camo clothing and equipment allowed.

“Strictly no alcohol before releasing arrows.


“Follow all safety rules while releasing arrows,” the club said.

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