Haig Park youths remodel old tyres into furniture

24 Mar, 2023 - 00:03 0 Views
Haig Park youths remodel old tyres into furniture Chairs modelled from used tyres by the enterprising youths.


Diana Nherera Suburban Reporter

YOUTHS from 63rd Avenue and Roydon Road in Haig Park are making various pieces that include outdoor furniture and vases among others using old car tyres as a way of making income and keeping themselves out of such vices as drugs and illicit beers.

Tafadzwa Chivaura said as youths they came up with an idea of using old tyres to make different things.

“Everyone knows these days’ jobs are hard to come by but for us we thought it’s better to use our hands to make something than just sit. 

“So we came up with an idea of making vases. We design as per the customer’s requirements and they can be used for different purposes.

“And we also make sets of chairs and tables which you can use outdoors to relax for example on a weekend with family and friends.    

“There are so many things that we can make even dishes. 

“It’s not just tyres, we can even use drums to make different types of products,” he said.

Chivaura said one of their biggest challenge is money to buy the old tyres.

“Transport is needed, a market is needed. So far we are just selling to the local residents.

“Our wish is to sell to people from different places,” he said. 

Bruce Machingura, another youth involved in the project said their business keeps idle youths out of danger from drugs and other vices.

“The upcoming youths, you see them spending their time from morning till night sitting on the bridges drinking illicit beers, smoking dangerous drugs because they don’t have anything to do. 

“We can bring these youths to give them work to do so that they have a trade to do and not waking up to drinking illicit beer,” he said. 

The youths also use drums and bamboos to make the art pieces.

ZANU PF Youth League Secretary for Administration for Tangwena 1 District Cde Carrington Nyamukondiwa said the ruling party will work with the youths and help them establish a broader market.

“As you can see, this is a very small piece of land they are utilising for their trade of which I believe as one of the youth leaders of the ruling party, we can work together with the guys.

“We can try and find something better for them to do so that they can get more profit on what they are doing and also ensuring they find a market.

“They have a limited market because they are confined to this place.

“If they are located somewhere where many people pass by and if we can combine their trade with other trades, it means that we increase their exposure to a market which is something vital for their business,” he said.

Cde Nyamukondiwa said the youths have decided to run with President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s mantra “Nyika Inovakwa Nevene Vayo.” 

He said there is need to inculcate the skills into even younger people.   

“There is a young guy who is Grade Six.

“He comes here to learn and I believe if we can inculcate those skills into the young, they will grow up knowing how to do those things. 

“Then it means at the end, we can surely achieve the President’s vision, Vision 2030 whereby we are talking of an upper middle income economy and it starts with us, we cannot wait for somebody. Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans and if we do not take it upon ourselves, then we are doomed so I am happy as this is happening in my own backyard,” said Cde Nyamukondiwa. He said there are other youths in the suburb in the same trade. 

“There is one who uses wires to make things.He has made a life-sized crocodile and also the Zimbabwe bird. He use wires and cans. So we are blessed as a country and a community having people who are talented. We can harness those skills,” said Cde Nyamukondiwa.

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