Greystone Park structure sparks outrage

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Greystone Park structure sparks outrage The structure at the corner of Harare Drive and Leamington Road.


Peter Tanyanyiwa Suburban Reporter

A STRUCTURE under construction in Greystone Park and believed to be a warehouse is worrying residents of the suburb who suspect the building is unauthorised.

The structure, made of steel frames and metal sheets, has left residents perplexed and dismayed due to its incompatibility with the elegant properties in the area.

Concerned residents probed the development, located at the intersection of Harare Drive and Leamington Road in Greystone Park, and their findings revealed that the structure is being built without the approval of the local council district office.

No plans were submitted and no permit was issued for the construction of the commercial structure in an area zoned for residential purposes.

It is believed some foreign nationals are the owners of the supposed warehouse that has mysteriously gone up in the neighbourhood drawing discontent among residents with properties close to the structure and the generality of Greystone Park and Ward 18 residents.

Borrowdale Ratepayers and Residents Association (BRRA) chairperson Mr Robert Mutyasira said the community is frustrated over the warehouse and the manner it has been put up without following council by-laws.

“We will not allow this matter to rest until the authorities exonerate themselves and take necessary action in the event this building is not within the confines of their laws,” he said.

Mr Mutyasira said such unauthorised developments have a huge impact on the neighbourhood’s ambiance and also pose potential hazards to the surrounding properties,  given the lack of council approvals and inspections.

The Harare Drive and Leamington Road warehouse is not an isolated case as earlier this year, residents raised concerns about the unauthorised development of a car sales lot at another intersection in the area.

The involvement of a former council worker turned space baron in the development of the car sales lot highlighted the impunity of some council officials and their apparent disregard for the concerns of property owners.

Residents firmly believe that these unauthorised activities are persisting due to collusion between city authorities and individuals who take advantage of the council’s systems to push through illegal developments. The lack of oversight and involvement of senior council officials in authorising such projects have further fueled the community’s frustration and distrust in the local authority.

BRRA has taken the initiative to address these concerns and has written to the district officer at Borrowdale District Office seeking clarification. The district officer’s response to the letter will determine the BRRA next course of action.

The BBRA recently expressed grave concern over persistent environmental infractions and degradation in Harare East, Borrowdale District, particularly in the Greystone Park wetlands.

A few weeks ago, the residents’ body’s Environmental Management sub-committee, in collaboration with the City of Harare Borrowdale District Office, organised a stakeholders’ meeting at the Greystone Park Nature Preserve to address the ongoing environmental challenges in the neighbourhood.

The meeting, attended by representatives from the Environmental Management Agency (EMA), the City of Harare, Greystone Park Nature Preserve Association, Harare Wetlands Trust and residents, highlighted the relentless infractions, including the construction of houses and drilling of boreholes on waterways and wetlands.

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