Greendale residents seek progress on recycling centre

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Greendale residents seek progress on recycling centre


RESIDENTS of Greendale have sought answers from the City of Harare as to when the municipality will establish a recycling centre at Kamfinsa Shopping Centre.

Diana Nherera 

Suburban Reporter

The residents said they have been waiting for almost a year when they were told the site for the recycling centre had been identified. 

“There was a time when residents approached council to set up a recycling centre at Kamfinsa.

“We got to a point that the director of works is going to peg and it’s almost a year,” said a resident at a Constituency Development Fund meeting for Harare East held recently at Greendale Sports Club.

Ward 8 Councillor Keith Charumbira who also attended the meeting said the sites for the waste transfer centres at Kamfinsa and in Highlands had been identified. 

Harare Mayor Councillor Jacob Mafume urged residents to liaise with Cllr Charumbira.

“He knows what you need to do to get them up.

“They don’t cost much.

“They are easy to construct.

“You can borrow from your CDF to do the fences and poles then you have a recycling centre,” he said. 

Cllr Mafume said the district officer, Councillor and the Ward Development Committee must have a close knit working relationship for this to move,” he said.

Cllr Mafume also urged Greendale residents to adopt and repair a refuse collection truck, which will be dedicated to Ward 9. 

“I will give you a copy of the memorandum of agreement we have done with Borrowdale and Mabelreign and we will go with the community leaders and identify the compactor to adopt and you repair it and we move,” he said. 

Residents also called for the need to have skip bins at Kamfinsa Shopping Centre. At Chisipite Shopping Centre, there is one skip bin. 

Cllr Mafume said council will buy the skip bins.

“It’s a matter of us going to council, making a resolution, we buy skip bins and they are here.

“We have got some money from Devolution Funds, we have got some money from our own budget and we should be able to buy the skip bins.

“Skip bins should be there at every shopping centre,” he said.

Cllr Mafume said council will get a second  skip bin for Chisipite shops.

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