Greendale in talks with council to adopt refuse truck

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Greendale in talks with council to adopt refuse truck Other suburbs such as Borrowdale have adopted refuse trucks for exclusive use.


THE Greendale Ratepayers and Residents Association is in the process of crafting a deal with the City of Harare to adopt a refuse collection which will be dedicated to Ward 9.

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GRRA chairperson Mr Charles Chirikure told residents recently that the association was in the midst of negotiations to go the same route as the Borrowdale Ratepayers and Residents Association, which had now adopted two municipal refuse compactors. 

The BRRA services and maintains the two refuse trucks which are dedicated to collecting garbage from Ward 18 (Borrowdale) and Ward 42 (Hatcliffe).

“As GRRA we are in the process of adopting a refuse truck for Greendale the same way Borrowdale and Mbare have done. 

“The truck would then service Greendale only. We will keep you informed when all the details have been agreed upon. Hopefully this will happen in the next few weeks,” Mr Chirikure told residents.

Residents had been making numerous inquiries about when their refuse will be collected while some complained that they had gone for about 18 months without seeing any garbage collection truck from the municipality.

The residents were worried if any solutions could be found to the waste management crisis given the city was struggling to provide the service. 

 Mr Chirikure said for now, while they negotiate with the local authority for a dedicated truck, the GRRA will be working with council on how best to ensure garbage is collected as the trucks collecting refuse from Ward 9 at the moment are shared with other wards. 

“In the meantime the truck is shared between Greendale and elsewhere but if the new arrangement goes through it will be exclusively for Greendale. We hope it works soon,” said the GRRA chairperson.

Early this year, the BRRA struck an agreement with council to adopt broken down refuse trucks and revive them on condition they will be dedicated to servicing Ward 18. This prompted other wards to explore similar deals with council.

Recently, the BRRA facilitated the repairing of the council vehicle allocated to the district officer at Borrowdale District Office. 

BRRA felt compelled to help with the repairs in a bid to ensure the district officer is mobile and can be able to push service delivery across Ward 18. 

BRRA chairperson Mr Robert Mutyasira announced that the district officer’s car is now functional after the residents’ body facilitated the repairs. 

It had been off the road for a number of months and the district officer could not fully function to expectation without it. 

However, some wards notably Ward 7 (Avondale, Avondale West, Alexandra Park, Belgravia, Gunhill, Kensington and Strathaven) have disapproved such interventions saying they promote dereliction of duty on the part of the municipality as it will seek to outsource more of its responsibilities.

“This must never be encouraged especially when the ward has no control over who drives (the refuse truck) and how it is driven to where for what. He who owns must maintain, simple,” reasoned one Ward 7 resident.

Another one said: “I tend to agree with you. There is no doubt, the more you do in CoH’s stead (in their place) the more they will default on many other things, going forward.

Such an intervention may well solve a critical problem, for a while. But confidence in CoH policing itself (reserving a repaired compactor for our ward only) is non-existent.

And it will only help promote more dereliction of duty, by franchising more responsibilities out of CoH. Whilst still charging for service delivered.”

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