Govt launches Operation Chenesa Harare 2

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Govt launches Operation Chenesa Harare 2 A front end loader clears rubbish at Mbare Musika.


Diana Nherera Suburban Reporter

Local Government and Public Works Minister Daniel Garwe on Wednesday launched Operation Chenesa Harare Phase 2 at Mbare Musika, an initiative which is in support of President Mnangagwa’s clarion call to address waste management.

Addressing guests, Minister Garwe said in January this year Government undertook a successful blitz called Operation Chenesa Harare.

“This initial effort helped us identify key issues and partners to tackle the mounting piles of uncollected waste that had been plaguing our city.

“Operations were undertaken in all the five zones of Harare and managed to collect in excess of 25 000 tonnes of solid waste to Pomona dumpsite.

“The success of this phase has now paved way for an expanded initiative, Operation Chenesa Harare Phase 2,” he said.

Minister Garwe said Government is not envisaging running waste collection services.

“That is not the intention of Government to have an operation to clean the city after every six months.

“What we expect to do is to have this programme from time to time by residents of Harare and those who run the City of Harare, collecting garbage and dispose it where it is supposed to be dumped.

“We all know that each and everything has its own place; when garbage leaves the house, it is supposed to go into the bin and those who collect it take it to the dumpsite.

“And us as residents, we go to work and return back to our homes, cook, eat and sleep.

“But if we just throw garbage everywhere, it now shows another character which is not part of our Ubuntu.

“We are known as residents of Harare, we are known as Zimbabweans by our cleanliness.

“We are known as the Sunshine City of Harare, which is the capital city of Zimbabwe.

“But if the sunshine city is now being replaced by a ‘dumpsite city,’ this does not go down well.

“It’s embarrassing,” he said.

Min Garwe said the leadership of the country led by President Mnangagwa expects every part of the country to be clean.

“We should ask ourselves as residents of this area if you don’t put your garbage in the bin, does it send the right image about your family, country or city. If your answer is it doesn’t send the right message, then you should put that garbage where it is supposed to go.”

He urged the leadership at the City of Harare to not put residents in a position where they go for a month, two months or three months without refuse collection.

“That is what causes people to throw garbage everywhere because they will not have anywhere to keep it.

“We ask and I thank you as I have seen that you bought new garbage trucks.

“You have tractors that you were given by Government to assist in collecting refuse, let’s use them to make sure our city is clean,” said Minister Garwe.

He said uncollected refuse causes diarrhoeal diseases such as cholera and dysentery.

“And if a child is infected by diarrhea, we start accusing Government when you are the ones who would have not done your job by throwing garbage everywhere.

“We have a problem as a country of throwing garbage everywhere even out of a moving vehicle without caring if causes accidents.

“When someone buys food at Chicken Inn or Nandos, after finishing, they throw the litter anywhere.

“It’s a habit that’s tarnishing the image of this country.

“We urge everyone from today onwards to practice good hygiene,” said Minister Garwe.

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