Family friendly set-up as Greendale Sports Club hosts Unplugged

31 Oct, 2022 - 11:10 0 Views
Family friendly set-up as Greendale Sports Club hosts Unplugged Greendale Sports Club hosted Unplugged at the weekend.


Peter Tanyanyiwa Suburban Reporter

GREENDALE Sports Club is proving to be a pacesetter and a game changer as far as running of sports club is concerned.

This past weekend the clubs hosted Unplugged Zimbabwe – a musical and lifestyle event – but unlike what has been happening at sports clubs in other suburbs, the event went on without the bother of noise pollution to adjoining properties.

Residents of some northern suburbs have been enduring noise pollution from loud music being played at sports clubs in their neighbourhoods. The noise goes on until late into the next morning on most weekends. Immoral behaviour has also become part of the weekend shows hosted by these sports clubs.

However, it was a completely different story at Greendale Sports Club as the organisers of the weekend show separated the music and lifestyle event from the sports club business so much that those who were going about their business at the sports club were not affected by the Unplugged revellers.

It was a toned down musical event with revellers sitting in tents pitched at the sports club enjoying drinks while conversing. People could hear each other and those who wanted music could be seen moving in closer to the stage, which was strategically placed at the far end of the sports club’s grounds.

 “Now this is what we call organising an event. We want to thank the patrons of Greendale Sports Club for such a set up. As ordinary ticket holders our vehicles are safe inside,” said a reveller who attended the show.

Added another: “Many event organisers can surely learn a lot from Unplugged and of course the owners of the venue. All ticket holders deserve to have security at all events, which is not usually the case on many occasions.”

The Greendale Sports Club executive also managed to alert neighbours before the event and facilitated complimentary tickets for those who were free to attend.

“We made serious efforts to engage the residents and updated them of the Unplugged event. We told them about the family friendly set up and how we had put a boundary between the sports club and this event, so that our patrons will go about their weekend as normal. Residents came through with their children and they enjoyed themselves. We gave a number of them who were free to attend some complementary tickets. We are really happy that we are able to have such a good relationship with our neighbours,” said Greendale Sports Club board chairperson Tichanzwana Masunda.

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