Family affair at OK Zimbabwe 2023 Grand Challenge

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Family affair at OK Zimbabwe 2023 Grand Challenge The Ford Ranger, the grand prize in this year's OK Grand Challenge, went to Ms Virginia Dende of Kadoma.


Peter Tanyanyiwa Suburban Reporter

It was a family affair at the 2023 OK Grand Challenge on Saturday at Borrowdale Racecourse where Ms Virginia Dende (27) of Kadoma was the biggest winner of the day after she won a brand new US$60 000 new generation Ford Ranger.

Shoppers expecting to win some of the prizes on offer, horse racing and music lovers thronged the venue to join in the fun.

OK Zimbabwe planned the event so well that everyone was able to follow the proceedings. The entry fee was US$1 US$3 for the VIP.

OK Zimbabwe said that they took time to plan an event of such magnitude and invested in ensuring the security of everyone at the venue.

“We really took our time in planning the OK Zimbabwe 2023 Grand Challenge, we always do. We make sure that both our private security is present at every corner and section of the ground and also the law enforcement agents. This is the secret in hosting a successful event because everything depends on a tight secured environment. With OK Zimbabwe we have managed to create such a family environment in which families are assured that their kids will have fun and they will be protected,” said OK Zimbabwe.

There was a record 12,1 million entries in 2023 OK Grand Challenge with over US$1 million worth of prizes were up for grabs.

The 35th annual promotion started nationwide on April 5 and ran until Saturday.

More 40 Nissan NP200s and the grand prize the Ford Ranger double cab were up for grabs in this year’s edition, courtesy of a diverse network of OK’s suppliers

Included in the vehicle prizes were the Shoppers Choice Loyalty Club NP200 and the Ritebrand car prize where customers qualified through buying groceries worth $15 000 and $10 000 of the brands exclusively found in OK stores.

These were complemented by weekly prizes, whose qualification criteria required customers to buy general groceries worth $10 000.

OK Zimbabwe Limited chief executive officer Mr Maxen Karombo said the OK Grand Challenge has grown to be the biggest, most memorable and most adored brand south of the Sahara.

In the horse race, the winning horse was Down to Business beating the 16-strong field, to land the US$90 000 OK Grand Challenge horse race.

Mashonaland Turf Club vice chairman Mr Scott Buchan said the partnership between them and OK had transcended into more than just a horse race.

The OK Grand Challenge is the biggest and longest running retail promotion in Zimbabwe, having been launched 1988.

The group continues to grow its branch network under diverse brands like OK Stores, OK Mart, Bon Marche, and the recently acquired Food Lovers, (all but one separately franchised branch) as well as specialty stores like pharmacies.

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