Discipline key in easing traffic congestion

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Discipline key in easing traffic congestion Traffic congestion is now a nightmare in Harare


Jeremiah Mudonha  Suburban Correspondent 

AS traffic congestion continues to reign supreme on most Harare roads, police say good driving conduct is the best therapy for taming the menace. 

Speaking on Zimpapers Television Network (ZTN) Morning Traffic Updates on Friday, Harare Provincial Police Spokesperson, Inspector Luckmore Julius Chakanza said some of the motorists’ driving conduct leaves was so bad and reckless directly contributing to most of the congestion problems in the city.  

“It is disturbing how drivers continue to enter intersections even when the exit points are not clear or when the robots and other traffic signs are not in their favour.

“In other instances, drivers thoughtlessly stop or park their cars in the middle of the road, at bends and or intersections to pick or drop passengers thereby blocking free movement of traffic. 

“We are also worried about an emerging crop of reckless drivers who are neither patient to other road users nor obedient to simple road rules and regulations on overtaking and right of way,” he said.

Like in many other cities worldwide, traffic jams are now a common feature in Harare especially during peak hours and what used to be a 10-minute drive a decade ago now takes 30 or more minutes.  

According to Insp Chakanza, by driving in a lawful and ethical manner, motorists help in easing traffic congestion.

“The urge to speed, overtake and achieve any other personal objectives should be kept under restraint for the good of maintaining sanity on the road. 

“The roads are never made for individuals but for all road users, and every right-thinking driver should treat them as such,” he said. 

One concerned motorist said while traffic congestion is turning into a relatively permanent feature, it is motorists’ attitude to it that matters.

“Finding alternative, less-congested routes would be wiser than inconveniencing others through bad driving. 

“And, patience is not folly but a function of respect for others,” said the motorist. 

More often than not, police have had to deploy traffic officers at busy intersections to monitor and control traffic and importantly to ensure proper driving conduct on the roads.

However, there have been incidents of some errant drivers running over the traffic controllers, a situation which calls for stiffer penalties on the offenders.  

In an effort to create obedient drivers, the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ) on its Twitter handle and other platforms teaches drivers to observe road rules and regulations and not to drink and drive or use cellphones while driving.

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