Council to probe illegal water, sewer connection

01 Aug, 2022 - 15:08 0 Views
Council to probe illegal water, sewer connection


Diana Nherera Suburban Reporter

THE City of Harare says it will investigate the illegal connection of a sewer line into a water line in Tynwald North by a council employee who is not a plumber.

The investigation follows complaints by residents of a possible water contamination with human waste.

Some residents complained to the Harare Residents Trust and urged the residents’ body to investigate a case where a clerk with the city’s water department connected a sewer line into a water line in that suburb resulting in residents drinking contaminated water.

“That person is called Dhamba who works under superintendent Mushandu and he knows that issue.

“The situation is being rectified by council but Dhamba was not punished for risking residents’ lives,” residents said in their complaint to Harare Residents Trust.

In a statement, Ward 16 Councillor Denford Ngadziore said he has instructed Mr Mushandu, the area’s superintendent for water and sewer and the acting district officer Mrs Gambiza  to look into the matter.

“This is a clear act of misconduct and all disciplinary measures should be taken.

“I also managed to share this information with the director of health so that physical health tests be conducted especially at nearby households,” said Councillor Ngadziore.

The councillor said Mr Dhamba is not a plumber but a clerk and is not qualified do carry out plumbing duties.

He urged property owners to desist from using unqualified council workers to carry out piece jobs without following the proper channels for council services.

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