Council reopens McDonald Park and Pool

09 Sep, 2021 - 12:09 0 Views
Council reopens McDonald Park and Pool The swimming pool is part of McDonald Park.


McDonald Park and Pool, which was closed at the end of last month has been re-opened following the easing of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

Diana Nherera Suburban Reporter

City of Harare principal communications officer, Mr Innocent Ruwende said those requiring services available at the facility can now visit McDonald Park and Pool.

“McDonald Park and Pool was closed due to Covid-19 regulations.

“However, we have since re-opened and those who require services; indoor and outdoor can approach our offices,” he said.

Residents who normally use the park and pool were complaining of its closure for outdoor activities on Monday August 30.

“Please check with council why they have stopped residents from utilising McDonald Park and Pool for outdoor training with effect from Monday 30 August.

“Surely this is a public place that is meant to benefit ratepayers.

“The world over, public parks are utilised for activities such as jogging, walking, picnics, etc.

“Your assistance will be greatly appreciated,” said Mr Tendai Mutseyekwa, a resident of Strathaven.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa this week eased the COVID-19 lockdown from level 4 to level 2.

McDonald Park and Pool in Avondale is used by residents of that suburb and those from surrounding areas including schools.

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