Council praised for swift response

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Council praised for swift response City of Harare’s Fire Brigade


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HARARE residents have commended the City of Harare for its swift response to a fire that had just started at the Pomona dumpsite on Tuesday.

A fire had started at the dumpsite on Tuesday this week but the City of Harare’s Fire Brigade responded quickly and managed to put out the fire with the help of garbage pickers.

  “A fire is being reported at the Pomona dumpsite……… probably started by a cigar stub left on uncovered garbage.

“Garbage pickers at the Pomona dumpsite trying to douse the fire so that it does not spread fast. It is windy and the fire department has not yet arrived to help putting out the fire.,” the Harare Residents Trust (HRT) said on Tuesday.

But in less than an hour the residents body reported that the Fire Brigade had arrived at the scene and the fire fighters had extinguished the fire, which some garbage pickers had already started to put out.

“Great news coming from the Pomona dumpsite is that the fire tender from the City of Harare arrived and managed to render great help to the garbage pickers who had already started to put out the fire……Now the situation seems to be under control. There is 10 000 litres of water mobilised by the council. Well done Hellen Davidson, garbage collectors and the City of Harare team!” said the HRT.

Helen Davidson of Refuse Collectio Services who played a key role in coordinating fighting the fire which broke out at the Pomona dumpsite, also confirmed the Harare Fire Brigade had reacted swiftly to prevent damage from the fire.

“Update… this fire was extinguished in a timely fashion by the ever efficient Harare Fire Brigade with the assistance of the pickers carrying water from the ponds before the Fire Department arrived. 

There was very little damage and no lasting damage thanks to timely interventions,” she said.

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