Council plea over storm water drains

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Council plea over storm water drains Blocked drains result in flooding.


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THE City of Harare has appealed to residents to ensure the drainage system is kept clear of garbage and other materials so that run-off water is not blocked from flowing through drains to rivers.

In a statement via its social media platforms at the weekend, the municipality warned residents that as the rain season draws near, it was crucial to keep drains clear.

“Good morning Harare residents, very soon the rain season will be upon us. Let’s all ensure we keep the city drainage system clear of garbage,” the City of Harare said on its official Twitter page.

The tweet attracted a deluge of reactions from residents with some arguing the municipality was partly to blame for the blocked storm water drains because it was failing to collect refuse.

Vendors also place their wares in drains blocking the system.

Others felt council was justified to put out the warning noting that even though it was not effectively collecting garbage, residents had a responsibility to ensure the drains were not clogged with litter.

Below are some of the responses from residents:

LeoTeeMG: Imi yesterday morning I saw one of your workers achitsvairira marara mudrain (sweeping litter into a drain). Was pissed off, went past but turned back, asked her zvikanzi ndichaapisa (and she said she was going to burn the litter), was like how imi maisa mudrain ndikanzi asi hamuna zvekuita (when you have shoved them into a drain and she asked me whether I did not have something to do).

Actually when I walked back I thought I should have taken a video. I was so pissed off.

Ronald Makotore: I can imagine but you did well talking to her.

Tendekayi Marapara: Could you please start cleaning the drains now and please don’t leave the waste there.

Doting Thomas: In the industry (they) have seen COH cleaning out drains.

Simboti Zvidzai: Do your job. Whom are you pleading to. People pay refuse (charges and) rates.

Doting Thomas: As much as we pay refuse rates and COH are delinquent in collections, let’s face it we as city dwellers throw trash out of our cars, we drop maputi (corn snack) packets, chibage (maize) cobs as far as we go. We have no self-respect or respect for our environment. COH is right, we have a part to play.

Prosper Kunyetu: Collect refuse on a regular (basis) and see if that won’t solve the drainage issue. Also you need to clear them up before the rain falls.

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