Council, First Mutual partnership welcomed

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Council, First Mutual partnership welcomed The cycle track under construction.


HARARE residents have commended the partnership between the City of Harare and First Mutual Holdings Limited under which the two organisations are constructing a cycle track from the intersection of Whitwell Road and Liberation Legacy Way (formerly Borrowdale Road) into town. 

Peter Tanyanyiwa Suburban Reporter

However, residents urged the local authority to spread the programme to other suburbs in the capital city.

Some residents said they prefer cycling but there were no cycling tracks from their suburbs going into town. 

The residents said the track being built from Borrowdale to the city centre might help ease congestion as those interested in cycling could now do so. 

Suggestions were made to the City of Harare to find other partners to revive cycling tracks in different suburbs connecting to the central business district.

“This is a commendable move. 

“However, I want to urge the local authority to also find other partners so that all cycling tracks across the city can be revived. We have bicycles but we are afraid to use them as it is not safe,” said Allan Makoni.

Residents said the initiative should not start and end in Borrowdale.

“Such an initiative should not start and end in Borrowdale. 

“Let’s help the city in whatever way we can and make sure that this programme is spread across the city not just isolated suburbs. 

“With the congestion many motorists are experiencing day in day out this is a welcome move,” said another Harare resident.

Commenting on the issue, residents said there was need to construct some barriers to keep unscrupulous drivers off the cycling tracks.

“Good work, keep it up. Also ensure that you construct some barricades to keep unscrupulous motorists and mishika shikas off the track,” said Abisha Damba.

Added Wisdom Kagande: “The road needs curbs to stop cars from getting on to the track and to protect the road edges and the ultimate look will look finished and professional.”

The Borrowdale cycle track, residents observed, will help reduce accidents as cyclists and pedestrians were being killed along Liberation Legacy Way.

“Good work First Mutual, we have many cases of cyclists being hit by cars some even dying along Borrowdale Road. 

“We are losing lives of cyclists and pedestrians, this will go a long way in saving lives,” said Givas Gonye.

It was also pointed out by residents that students walking to school on Liberation Legacy Way were not safe and hailed the partnership between the municipality and First Mutual for the track which will provide a safe access to Borrowdale Primary School.

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