Contractor begins work on Harare roads

28 Feb, 2024 - 11:02 0 Views
Contractor begins work on Harare roads Fossil Contracting has started work to repair major Harare roads including Julius Nyerere Way.


A private company, Fossil Contracting Pvt Ltd, has started major road rehabilitation from the main Post Office in the city centre to the Westgate roundabout under the National Harare/Chirundu Road Rehabilitation and Upgrading Project.

As a result, some roads in the city have/will be closed to allow the construction works to be conducted. Roads that will be intermittently affected are Julius Nyerere Way, Sam Nujoma Street, Samora Machel Avenue, Central Avenue and Nemakonde Way (formerly Lomagundi Road).

Currently, a part of Julius Nyerere up to the corner of Sam Nujoma and Central Avenue is closed due to construction work leading to heavy traffic congestion in the city centre.

The closure of the roads is to ensure safety of motorists, pedestrians and Fossil Contracting workers and to finish the repairs on time.

In a notice to residents and motorists, the City of Harare said:

“The aforementioned roads shall be fully closed to traffic as and when required as the work progresses.

“Residents are urged to avoid these roads as much as possible during the period they will be under construction. Any inconveniences are sincerely regretted. The main works shall be as follows:


Julius Nyerere Way – Post Office (Centre of Footbridge)/ Samora Machel

Central Avenue – Samora Machel/Sam Nujoma

Sam Nujoma- Central Avenue/ Nemakonde Way

Nemakonde Way- Sam Nujoma/Westgate Roundabout – City of Harare/Suburban Reporter

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