Cholera bacteria found in Harare boreholes

27 Feb, 2024 - 14:02 0 Views
Cholera bacteria found in Harare boreholes Water tests have revealed contamination of boreholes in Harare, Chitungwiza and Norton.


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The Upper Manyame Sub-Catchment Council (UMSCC) says recent borehole water tests show that at least 10 Harare suburbs and the neighbouring towns of Chitungwiza and Norton have contaminated borehole water.

In a notice to residents, the council said the tests revealed the presence of E-coli bacteria in boreholes located 10 suburbs and one industrial area in Harare. The tests also revealed contamination of borehole water in unnamed parts of Chitungwiza and Norton.

“The Upper Manyame Sub-Catchment Council (UMSCC) informs the public of recent borehole water quality testing in various areas within the sub-catchment. The water quality testing which was concluded by UMSCC revealed the presence of E coli bacteria in boreholes located in the following areas:

Mt Pleasant


Glen View

Lytton Industrial Area






Eye Court




The council said E coli bacteria can cause various illnesses including cholera, which poses a significant health risk

E-coli presence in the affected areas indicates potential contamination of the water supply in these suburbs.

The council recommended immediate action for residents of the affected areas as follows:

  • Do not drink, cook or wash with untreated water from boreholes or other sources in the listed areas
  • Use Aqua tablets or treat your borehole water
  • Boil water for at least one minute before consumption, even for brushing teeth or preparing food
  • Get your borehole water tested by a reputable laboratory to confirm its safety. UMSCC can provide accredited laboratories.

The council said the households and institutions who had their water tested have been informed of the results while regular updates on the situation will be provided through the UMSCC website and social media channels.

For further information or assistance residents or institutions can contact the UMSCC at 263712317993 or

“Protecting your health is your priority. Please take this notice seriously and act to ensure your safety and the safety of your loved ones.”

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