Community support key in tackling drug abuse

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Community support key in tackling drug abuse Guests at the campaign against drug and substance abuse.


Peter Tanyanyiwa Suburban Reporter

COMMUNITY support remains extremely important in prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and accepting those addicted to drug and substances and substance abuse, police have said.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) said this at a drug and substance abuse campaign held at Hatcliffe High School recently.

The event was hosted by the ZRP Harare Suburban District and the Borrowdale Crime Liaison Committee (BCLC) and supported by the Borrowdale Ratepayers and Residents Association (BRRA), Ward 18 residents and businesses.

The organisers said police were committed to curbing drug and substance abuse but the community has a bigger role to play as it can identify those polluting the areas with drugs.

Communities are also better placed to help the recovering addicts.

ZRP Officer Commanding Harare Suburban District Chief Superintendent Raudzi Tshuma said the campaign bears testimony to the commitment to curbing drug and substance abuse.

Students attending the campaign against drug and substance abuse.

Chief Supt Tshuma said drug abuse was a growing public health and security problem in Zimbabwe, particularly in Harare.

“Our determination as ZRP Harare Suburban is to strengthen cooperation of all stakeholders towards the achievement of a society free of drug and substance abuse. Let me hasten to say we have various legislations on drug use control which shows the highest level of commitment in taming the vice. Some of the laws to fight drug and substance abuse include the Dangerous Drugs Act and the Medicines and Allied Substances Control Act. The increase of violent crimes, unintentional injuries, road traffic accidents, multiple medical complications, as well as psychological and mental health complications, is linked to drug and substance abuse,” she said.

“We have had reports of kids taking jolly juice and fermenting corn and wheat cereals such as Cerevita, Movite and Cornflakes into illegal, highly intoxicating brews. As if it is not enough, boys and girls are also abusing sex enhancing medicines. Some common drugs abused by youths include mutoriro, cough syrups, all being done in the name of achieving the so called ‘high morale’. There are also traditional drugs such as illegal marijuana or mbanje and abuse of legal cigarettes and alcohol,” said Chief Supt Tshuma.

Police have intensified their crackdown against drug peddlers and syndicates countrywide through the setting up of crack teams to lead the operation. Cutting out the suppliers and imposition of jail sentences by the courts are seen as essential to remove the temptations to drug use while awareness campaigns can dry up demand by showing the damage drugs cause to their users.

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