City to clamp down on illegal activities

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City to clamp down on illegal activities


 The City of Harare (CoH)’s development control unit has said it will launch a massive operation to clamp down on illegal activities at Ashbrittle Shopping Centre and areas around it.

Peter Tanyanyiwa

Suburban Reporter

Last week resident and business owners operating at the shopping centre complained about illegal activities such as vending and trading and the high volumes of people and cars causing congestion.

The development control unit said it is mobilising resources for the clean-up operation following the concerns raised by residents and business owners.

 “We heard the concerns that were recently raised by the residents and the business community at Ashbrittle and we are mobilising to take action. We are going to be visiting the Ashbrittle Shopping Centre and the areas around it with all the necessary departments to enforce council by-laws in that area. The concerns we have been getting are that the area is now full of unlicensed and illegal traders who are now occupying the bigger part of the shopping centre and unnecessarily congesting the area,” said the CoH’s development control unit

Mt Pleasant district officer Mrs Marian Mverechena commended the responsiveness by the city’s development control unit.

“We commend the responsiveness to the residents and the business community’s outcry over the illegal activities and businesses which have mushroomed everywhere especially at Ashbrittle Shopping Centre. We urge the development control unit to bring all their enforcement agents so they can enforce council by-laws. All the other departments affected should also be part of this visit as it will go a long way in bringing order to Mt Pleasant,” said Mrs Mverechena.

The City of Harare has been urging Harare residents to follow proper procedures in acquiring business and residential stands to avoid losing their investments.

Last week a meeting between Ashbrittle business owners and council heard that the shopping centre was now an eyesore because of illegal businesses and trading causing massive congestion at the place. 

The business owners based at the shops told the meeting that large volumes of people now frequent the shopping centre worsening congestion.

They were speaking at meeting for the Ashbrittle Business Community held at Mt Pleasant District Office on Wednesday last week. 

Ward 41 Councillor Kudzai Kadzombe and Mrs Mverechena facilitated the meeting. Ashbrittle falls under Ward 41 and serves people from Ward 41 (Avonlea and Marlborough), Ward 16 (Greencroft) and Ward 17 (Mt Pleasant).

The meeting provided an interactive platform for Ashbrittle shop owners and the City of Harare to share ideas on how to enhance the shopping centre which has become an eyesore.

The meeting’s main objective was to explore ways of restoring the image of the shopping centre battered by economic hardships and general decline of standards. 

Ashbrittle business owners wanted to map a way forward as the shopping centre has become a blight because of the large volumes of people, illegal businesses and illegal vending causing massive congestion at the shopping centre.

The business community said buildings at the shopping centre were not being maintained leading to dilapidation.

There is also heavy traffic congestion at the shopping centre which has no water and toilets as well as no refuse collection.

Business owners said from 30 years ago when there were only four or five businesses, the has been no further development.

The same infrastructure has remained unchanged but now accommodating well over 50 businesses.

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