City spends $2.5 billion on recapitalisation in first quarter

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The City of Harare has spent ZWL$2.5 billion on service delivery in the first quarter of 2023 with the municipality saying recapitalisation remains a priority.

Suburban Reporter 

From total revenue inflows of ZWL$38.4 billion, the municipality used ZWL$2.5 billion for recapitalisation of service delivery. 

In its end of the first quarter report (January to March 2023), the municipality said it allocated ZWL$41 billion for capital expenditure with nearly half of that amount earmarked for the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Programme.

“As at 31 March 2023, a total of ZWL2,5 billion had been expended. Recapitalisation of service delivery operations remains our priority in 2023. Last year I made an undertaking that we would procure service delivery vehicles and the following pieces of plant and equipment and the update is as given,” said Mayor Jacob Mafume.

Councillor Mafume made the remarks while presenting the capital city’s end of the first quarter report at Town House a fortnight ago. 

Below are some of the plant and equipment the municipality acquired between January and March: 

Three x30 tonne hook loader and 15 hook loader bins for waste collection at high traffic areas (these will be delivered in the second quarter of the year) 

Fifteen refuse compactors (procurement process has commenced and we expect delivery of some of the compactors during the second and third quarter of the year) 

Five excavators (three were paid for and delivered in the first quarter of the year) 

Five tipper trucks (these will be delivered during this quarter) 

Nine backhoe loaders, three have been paid for and have been delivered) 

Two graders (one has been partly paid for and we expect delivery during this quarter) 

Five drop-side trailers (three were paid for and delivered in the period under review) 

Two hydraulic platforms (one will be paid for and delivered during the second quarter of the year) 

Cllr Mafume said the city will keep updating its stakeholders on major service delivery equipment acquisitions. 

“We will update on major procurements of the plant and equipment required for service delivery operations. This is our promise, to manage the capital city of Zimbabwe proficiently and well such that we build a sustainable city where residents do not whine about basic service delivery. Recapitalisation has presented itself as a remedy to solving the service delivery challenges,” said the mayor.

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