Cheeky suspect arrested while watching his get-away car towed

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A CHEEKY suspected drug dealer was arrested in Msasa on Saturday after he fled his get-away car only to return moments later and get nabbed while pretending to be part of the onlookers watching his car being towed away by police and the Greendale Athlone Neighbourhood Watch.    

Diana Nherera Suburban Reporter

An alert member of the Greendale-Athlone Neighbourhood Watch Bishop Amos Chaniwa recognised the suspected drug dealer because he had seen his face while he fled his car when he cornered him and blocked his way.

The suspect appeared in court in court on Monday this week charged with illegal possession of 567 kilogrammes of marijuana packed in 40 bags found in his car.

Bishop Chaniwa told Suburban that he encountered Christopher Muza at around 4am on Saturday July 10, 2021.

He said he and other residents chased Muza who was driving a Nissan Caravan.

“I received a call on Saturday morning while I was at home at 03.30am that there had been a break-in at Letombo Park and a car battery had been stolen.

“Since they suspected the thieves were still in the area, they called me for assistance.

“I rushed there and when we couldn’t find anyone, I decided to make a few rounds in the Msasa industrial area.

“I drove through Citroen Road and into Whitesway.

“This Nissan Caravan came driving in the opposite direction due town.

“Wondering what it (the Nissan Caravan) was doing during those early hours of the curfew (the Covid-19 lockdown curfew), I put on my blue light and signalled him to stop so that I could find out what he was doing.

“But he sped off at high speed towards Stanbic Bank Msasa,” said Bishop Chaniwa.       

He said he made a U-turn and chased Muza.

“We went around for five times at high speed but he didn’t stop.

“I finally managed to block him and he jumped out and fled the vehicle, leaving his cellphone behind,” said Bishop Chaniwa.

He said some eye-witnesses told him that they saw two suspects fleeing.

“On opening the vehicle doors, I noticed it was loaded with bags and when I opened one of them, I discovered it was marijuana.

“I then called Rhodesville Police Station for backup,” he said.

Bishop Chaniwa said a towing truck took the vehicle away but not before he had spotted Muza in the crowd pretending to be part of the onlookers.

“By then, it was 07.45hours and a crowd had now gathered. 

“I noticed him and before he could flee, I grabbed him by the trousers and handcuffed him.

“The towing truck and police backup had arrived and we towed the vehicle to Rhodesville Police Station where a docket was opened and the exhibits and accused person were handed to over CID Drugs for further investigations,” said Bishop Chaniwa.

He said Muza was taken to court on Monday in the company of his lawyer.

“He was denied bail on the basis that he is a flight risk and was remanded in custody to July 27,” said Bishop Chaniwa.

“I noticed him and before he could flee, I grabbed him by the trousers and handcuffed him.

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