BRRA shares insights with Marlborough Residents Association

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BRRA shares insights with Marlborough Residents Association The inaugural Marlborough Residents Association meeting.


THE Borrowdale Residents and Ratepayers Association (BRRA) recently participated in two significant community events in Marlborough and Borrowdale, highlighting the pivotal role of organised residents’ representation in fostering community development.

Peter Tanyanyiwa Suburban Reporter

On Saturday June 8, 2024, the BRRA attended the inaugural annual general meeting of the Marlborough Residents Association. As a guest speaker, the BRRA shared insights into the challenges and responsibilities of safeguarding the welfare of the community.

Despite being in its early stages, the Marlborough Residents Association demonstrated remarkable receptiveness, tenacity, and willpower, reflecting the dedication of its founding members.

The mature and professional deliberation of agenda items showcased the community’s enthusiasm to learn from established residents’ bodies like the BRRA, indicating a shift in Harare’s communities approach in their demand for services.

In a statement, BRRA chairperson Mr Robert Mutyasira said that he was impressed by the zeal and energy exhibited by the Marlborough community in learning from established associations like the BRRA. He further encouraged the local authority to tap and benefit from residents’ efforts.

“The interest and zeal displayed by the Marlborough community to learn from established residents’ bodies like the BRRA are indicative of a positive trajectory in the development of Harare’s communities.

“It is critical for the council to tap into the voluntary participation of its citizens, as evidenced by the time and resources invested by residents to correct service delivery anomalies. The BRRA is eager to partner with and add value to proactive communities,” said Mr Mutyasira.

In another show of solidarity, the BRRA also attended the AGM of the Borrowdale Brooke Home Owners Association as observers and lauded the management of the gated estate for its world-class standards, positioning itself as an aspiration for all residents’ associations.

The value consensus and commitment of the residents to improve their estate while maintaining its status as a premier address in Zimbabwe were commended

Reflecting on the event, the BRRA expressed its desire to emulate the professionalism demonstrated by the Borrowdale Brooke Home Owners Association and become advocates for such high levels of operation among the associations they have the privilege to mentor.

“The BRRA’s engagement with these community events sends a message of the importance of formalised residents’ representation in driving positive change and fostering development within local communities. This engagement serves as a testament to the BRRA’s commitment to supporting and empowering communities, as it continues to cultivate partnerships and share best practices for the betterment of Harare’s neighbourhoods,” added Mr Mutyasira.

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