BRRA keen to help council repair Borrowdale District Office

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BRRA keen to help council repair Borrowdale District Office The roof at the Borrowdale District Office was repaired in 2017 and the ceiling now needs attention


THE Borrowdale Ratepayers and Residents Association (BRRA) says they are keen to support the City of Harare (CoH), who have indicated that they will be undertaking massive repairs at Borrowdale District Office. 

Peter Tanyanyiwa

Suburban Reporter

So far, the residents’ body has raised money to buy a battery for the council works supervisor’s car for ease of movement. 

The BRRA says for now they had done what they can to help the municipality and they now await to see what the local authority can do in terms of repairing the Borrowdale District Office.

“We are waiting for council to show us what they can do. BRRA have already purchased a battery for the works supervisor’s car so that he can ferry his guys to and from the site. The battery cost USD$85. 

“Once the materials on the bill of quantities have been availed, residents can deal with other miscellaneous needs that may arise. The Works Department has submitted the bills of quantities and quotations to the finance department but no action has been taken. 

“The closure of the district office is imminent so to pave way for repairs. They can only start work as and when resources for materials have been availed,” said the BRRA chairperson Mr Robert Mutyasira.

He added that residents have done more than enough from the extermination of termites which were threatening the structure of the building to putting a water tank at the district office.

“Residents have been keen to assist. Most of the structural damage is as result of termite infiltration. Residents intervened and the termites have been exterminated. 

“We have already provided some ceiling boards needed to repair some damaged areas (of the roof) and the water tanks. 

“The irony of residents providing water solutions to the city is disturbing. Residents can stretch to any extent as long as the city reciprocates our efforts. They must not abrogate from their mandate. We would want to complement their efforts,” said Mr Mutyasira.

BRRA executive member Mrs Pat Townsend also said they are now waiting for council to fulfil its promise to repair Borrowdale District Office given the assistance residents had rendered so far.

 “The City of Harare will be undertaking the repairs to the Round House (as the Borrowdale District Office is commonly known in the area) and it won’t be closed. We await to see what council comes up with. And then we weigh whether we need to assist as residents or not,” said Mrs Townsend.

Borrowdale District Office was recently declared unsuitable for human habitation by the city’s safety department because of some structural defects which have been known to the local authority since January of 2021.

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