BRRA executive retained

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BRRA executive retained BRRA chairperson Mr Robert Mutyasira addresses the body’s AGM.


THE Borrowdale Ratepayers and Residents Association (BRRA) members on Tuesday showed confidence in their 2022 executive committee as they made a resolution to retain the office holders for another year at the association’s annual general meeting (AGM) held at the Borrowdale Brooke Country Club. 

Peter Tanyanyiwa Suburban Reporter

Proceedings went smoothly at the meeting although the attendance was not as good as experienced at the 2022 BRRA AGM. 

BRRA chairperson Mr Robert Mutyasira thanked the members for showing such confidence in his leadership and appreciating the work that the executive committee has been carrying out.

 He assured residents that they will not tire to keep on pushing for development. Mr Mutyasira said the only change to the composition of the executive committee was the recent departure of long serving member Ms Jo Ann Ross and the cooption of a new member who is an IT expert to the team.

“The committee was dissolved but community members present affirmed their confidence in the same committee and a motion was moved to retain the committee. So there were no major changes in the committee except for the standing down of long serving member Jo Ann Ross who after more than 20 years of committed service is now retiring at 85 years of age.  On that note we want to thank residents and members for the confidence in our leadership and developmental initiatives. A new member Kuda Kaseke has joined the committee and comes with IT expertise the BRRA badly needs for visibility and publicity plans,” he said.

Harare North Member of Parliament Mr Allan Markham took the residents through the outcomes of the recently concluded delimitation of wards and constituencies explaining the new boundaries and revealing that Ward 18 will now fall under Harare East constituency. 

Mr Markham urged members present to be certain of the polling stations where they will cast their vote and if the candidates they will be voting for are those that will represent them. 

Ward 18 Councillor Ian Makone also reported on the limitations the City of Harare has been facing in meeting service delivery requirements among them mentioned resource constraints.

He commended Ward 18 residents for their continued initiatives of assisting council where the municipality is facing challenges. 

The efforts of Sue Bur in protecting and maintaining the Ballantyne Park Conservancy were recognised as she was the winning nominee of the Power of One trophy.

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