Borrowdale crime body rebrands to BCLC

05 Jul, 2022 - 11:07 0 Views
Borrowdale crime body rebrands to BCLC Borrowdale Crime Liaison Committee members attending an anti-drug and substance abuse meeting in Harare recently.


Peter Tanyanyiwa Suburban Reporter

The Borrowdale Crime Consultative Committee (BCCC), which brings together residents and the police in the fight against crime in the suburb, has officially rebranded to the Borrowdale Crime Liaison Committee (BCLC).

A top BCLC official said the rebranding idea was reached after the body saw the need to prevent itself from being mistakenly associated with the opposition Citizens for Coalition Change, which uses the acronym CCC.

In an interview on Tuesday the BCLC official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that they have officially rebranded as they don’t want to be linked or confused with the opposition CCC.

The official said everything else was well within the BCLC as it was functioning efficiently.

“Please note that all the ZRP CCC’s (Crime Consultative Committee) names have changed to Crime Liaison Committee (BCLC). Off the record it was simply that there is sometimes confusion between the ZRP Crime Consultative Committees and the new political party who also refer to themselves as CCC. All the CLCs are functioning well and are working with ZRP as the liaison between the residents and the police,” said the official.

BCLC is made up of Borrowdale residents who are volunteers and want to make a difference in their neighbourhood in terms of crime prevention through working with the police. The volunteers are a passionate lot who are committed to creating a crime free zone under the Borrowdale Policing Area working closely with ZRP’s Borrowdale Police Station.

“We are proactive not only reactive. We are here as an intermediary body, between the community and ZRP too. Contact us for advice or help. If any assistance is required to start up a neighbourhood watch in your area, please contact us and we can give advice and get you registered with ZRP Borrowdale,” said the BCLC in separate statement.

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