Borrowdale applauds police over intersection control

11 Oct, 2021 - 10:10 0 Views
Borrowdale applauds police over intersection control


Peter Tanyanyiwa Suburban Reporter

Borrowdale residents have applauded Borrowdale traffic police for their excellent service as they are now controlling traffic at the intersection of Crowhill Road and Borrowdale Road arresting the impatient, and selfish drivers.

Police are reportedly concentrating on errant motorists who drive on the wrong lanes facing oncoming traffic during peak periods. The impatient drivers are proving a serious danger to fellow motorists and pedestrians as they meander dangerously to avoid long queues. The problem in Borrowdale mirrors the state of the situation in the whole of the capital city particularly at busy intersections.

“Driving along Borrowdale Road has become a problem with motorists overtaking directly in the face of oncoming traffic. At the intersection they go into the turning lane, but then keep going straight, to get ahead of other vehicles, causing problems. With the police there, these drivers are being pulled over directly into the police station where they are being dealt with,” said a Borrowdale Ratepayers and Residents Association official.

The BRRA official the impatient and reckless drivers were not a problem that is only confined to Borrowdale but the whole of Harare and the residents’ body was happy that the police were doing their job and making it easier for motorists to drive to their destinations.

“Unfortunately, this is happening all over Harare now and needs to be managed by the long arm of the law. It’s a relief to see police dealing with this, thanks to Borrowdale Traffic Police,” added the official.

BRRA committee member Mr Wilson Mhuri said the police intervention had brought great relief to motorists at the intersection of Crowhill Road and Borrowdale Road, which was now a nightmare to pass through during the morning and evening rush hours.

“We applaud our Borrowdale Police for a job well done in controlling traffic at the Crowhill /Borrowdale Road junction. As Borrowdale residents we have been facing challenges and /or delays especially in the morning and evening rush hours. We have also noticed reckless driving around the same area and we propose that cameras be installed at the junction in the long run,” said Mr Mhuri.

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