Bogus agent swindles resident of US$350

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Bogus agent swindles resident of US$350 The case was reported at Mabelreign Police Station.


A Mabelreign resident was allegedly swindled of US$350 by a bogus agent whom she paid for a non-existent house to rent in Avondale West.

Diana Nherera Suburban Reporter

Narrating her ordeal to Suburban, Cassandra Waring who is an artist and is also known as Candy Rain said she saw an advertisement of a house to rent on Facebook and thought she had found her dream house following a notice she had given her landlord to vacate her current residence.

“On the 3rd of October, I saw an advertisement on Facebook which had a house up for renting in Avondale West.

“I decided to call the number that was on the post.

“A man answered the call and gave me the name Takunda.

“I asked him if the house was available and he said yes.

“We started communicating just like the average agent in Zimbabwe and they required a viewing fee of US$30,” she said.

Waring said she wanted to move because her landlord had increased rentals.

“I have been staying where I was paying US$450 a month. One morning my landlord sent me a text saying she now wants US$600. I told her I can’t afford that and gave her three months’ notice. This was the pressure I had, to find another house.”

Waring said she started communicating further with Takunda about the house.

“We started chatting on WhatsApp.

“There was no sign that these people were thieves.

“And later on that day, I gave him US$15 and he sent me a number saying ‘Rev Bimha’ was the landlord.

“I called Rev Bimha and he confirmed that he owned the house.

“From his voice, he sounded like a man in his 70s and he gave Takunda agent rights.

“He said he owned many properties and they work together. Again there was no reason to suspect. He gave me a number to call as he said he had been waiting since 11.30am but had to go back to Chiredzi and had left the keys to the house with a man called Simba and I should call Simba for viewing of the house.

“I called Simba and he came to Mabelreign shopping centre holding a set of keys.

“From the time I called Simba, he said he was very busy to go and view the house with us as Takunda was in Mazowe because his dad was sick.

“He have me the address to the house because I had talked to the owner again and I had no reason to suspect anything,” she said.

Waring said she was given keys to the house by Simba who said he was a runner for Rev Bimha upon payment of the rent.

“Then he jetted off.

“In my mind, I am thinking I have gotten myself a dream house then I looked for a taxi to go and view my new home, Number 27 Clare Road, Avondale West.

“To my surprise, there was no house to let.

“We asked the lady who stays at Number 27 Clare Road and she said I was not the only person duped by the gang,” she said.

Waring said she tried calling all the mobile phone numbers of the people she was communicating with and they were no longer picking.

“That’s when it hit me that I had been swindled,” she said.

Waring has reported the matter at Mabelreign Police Station and a case has been opened under RRB 4871924.

She is also appealing to people who have any information of the suspected fraudsters or have been duped by the men whose numbers are 0784 671 935, 0713 818797, 0716 673 704 or 0780 987 432 to assist.

“Please if there is anyone reading this article and has gone through what I have, it’s time to bring this gang down.

“I am a hardworking woman who is struggling as it is in these Covid-19 times and for people to just take away my hard earned money, they need to give it back.

“I am suffering from depression and stress.

“I am mother to a 10-month old baby and this is just another addition to a bitter sweet life.

“My plans of going back into the studio have been stopped by these ruthless evil men,” said Waring.

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