Avondale residents feel abandoned by council

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Avondale residents feel abandoned by council Water production at Morton Jaffray is presently at a measly 136 mega-litres.


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AVONDALE residents feel the City of Harare has abandoned them as they have been without council tap water for a number of weeks running into a month for some with no hope for a solution. 

Residents from roads such as Aberdeen, Beveridge and Oxford recently expressed their frustration over the water crisis.

The residents said the situation was not only frustrating but the City of Harare workers were being rude by failing to advise their clients on what was actually happening regards the water supplies.

Some of the residents said they have not had council tap water for long periods, up to a month in some cases, and were now desperate as they cannot afford to continue buying water while at the same time being charged for non-delivered water on their council bills.

Residents living around the corner of Lomagundi Road and West Road behind the pump station near Blue Lagoon Shopping Centre said sometimes the water trickles in their taps for less than an hour but they cannot fill containers because the water comes out without pressure.

The residents said it was surprising that the City of Harare officials remained quiet when ratepayers are in desperate need for a service.  Residents said the state of affairs mirrored a total collapse of services at the City of Harare with nobody bothered to explain the issues.

Reports from residents on Argyle Road and Bedford Road also confirmed the areas were greatly affected as they indicated their taps were dry.

In fact, residents from Oxford Road said since November 1 they have had water for less than 38 hours and were pleading for answers from the responsible authorities. 

Residents of Bedford Gardens said they have had water for only two nights and one day since November 8.

“The life of crossing busy King George Road with 20-litre buckets and going up the stairs is gruesome and the thought of waiting for next Tuesday 2am for water is terror,” bemoaned one resident.

After numerous complaints on the Ward 7 residents group, the councillor for the area Happymore Gotora then attempted to proffer some explanation.

 “Good evening Ward 7 residents.  We’re still having serious water challenges as a City. This due to chemical challenges. We’re hoping the situation will improve in few days. It is something that I don’t like the most to come with excuses when people are faced with a situation like this and am really sorry for all the inconveniences you are going through. I am doing everything I can in making sure that everyone has water at least twice a week,” said Councillor Gotora. However, residents felt Councillor Gotora’s explanation did not help matters.

“This does not address the specific predicament of residents in that Avondale pocket which has been getting much less water than the rest of us,” said one resident, in response to Councillor Gotora.

Added another resident: “It is a part of Avondale proper, which seems to be particularly badly affected. 

And CoH (City of Harare) have evidently abandoned the residents there to their fate!”

This week, the City of Harare announced that it had resolved to ration water as purification of water at its treatment plants remains suppressed due to unreliable supply of chemicals.

Production at Morton Jaffray Water Works currently stands at 136 megalitres out of an available capacity of 450ML while at Prince Edward council is producing only 78ML. Harare requires 600 megalitres per day.

In an update on the water situation in the city, the municipality said its local and foreign suppliers of water purification chemicals were facing challenges hence the low water production at the treatment plants.

“The Environment Management Committee has resolved that council rations water in the wake of suppressed water production. This is to ensure equitable distribution of water in the city. Our local aluminium sulphate supplier is facing production challenges while the delivery of the imported granular substitute has also been inconsistent thereby affecting portable water production and subsequent equitable distribution to residents of Harare,” the city said in the update.

The city said it received four loads of imported granular aluminum sulphate on Sunday with a further 16 loads still on their way from Beira to Harare.

“All efforts are being made to work out sustainable solution to the problems. 

Residents are therefore encouraged to use availed supplies conservatively all the time they receive water.

All inconveniences caused are sincerely regretted,” said the municipality.

Residents from several of the other suburbs such as Greendale, Marlborough, Mainway Meadows in Waterfalls, Glen Norah, Glen View confirmed that they do not have council tap water.

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