Armed robbers steal US$100K, title deeds in Greendale 

16 Aug, 2022 - 11:08 0 Views
Armed robbers steal US$100K, title deeds in Greendale  Armed Robber


Diana Nherera Suburban Reporter 

Armed robbers on Saturday allegedly stole title deeds to a house on Rhodesville Avenue in Greendale, US$100 000 cash, R300 000 cash and a firearm which were all kept in a safe on that property.

Patrol co-ordinator for the Greendale Athlone Neighborhood Watch Bishop Amos Chaniwa said no arrests have been made yet.

“There was an armed robbery at a certain house on Rhodesville Avenue.

“The robbers took a safe from the bedroom which contained a firearm, title deeds and cash amounting to US$100 000 and R300 000,” he said.

Bishop Chaniwa urged residents to avoid keeping huge sums of money at home.

“Armed robbery cases are rising.

“I encourage you to tighten your security protocols.

“Please avoid keeping too much money at home or at one place,” he said.

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